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Q: What are your fees and tuition?

A. To enroll you student you will need to pay a nonrefundable 60$. This will assure your position for next year's class. If your preschooler attends 2 days a week (Tuesday/Thursday) tuition is 200$ a month. If your preschooler attends 3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) tuition is 250$ a month. 

Q: Why do you take the time for lunch?

A: Lunch is an excellent learning experience for students. It teaches a lot of autonomy and is often the first time they eat away from home. It is a good skill to have in place as students begin kindergarten. It also provides a social situation for students that is different from play or recess. Students chat and get to know each other while eating together.


Q: Do you teach Letter of the Week? 

A. No. I adapt my own curriculum and introduce and talk about letters as they authentically connect to our theme and environment. Research has shown that students learn better when learning is organic. 

Q. How do you track my child's progress?

A. I use a formal assessment in the fall to create goals for each student. I like to meet with parents to discuss the goals and how we can support the student throughout the year. Periodically, I review the goals to adjust or create new ones if they are accomplished. In the spring I repeat the formal assessment to document the growth through the year. 

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