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Hello! My name is Mary Jane Tolman. I am originally from Utah, and now live here in Fort Collins with my family. I have 3 kids. Janie (4) who loves coming to preschool and reading books, True (2) who loves trucks and singing and Parley (6 months) who is our easy going, giggly baby! In my free time I love to do DIY projects and bake bread.

I have a teaching degree in Early Childhood Education from Brigham Young University. This allowed me to study child development from birth to 8 years of age. I have taught in preschool, 1st grade and taught 3rd grade. I have learned from teaching 3rd grade how important it is to have an amazing foundation as your child begins elementary school. During your time at Tiny Sprouts we will focus on social, academic, and behavioral goals to help your preschooler be ready for their next step. I cannot wait to get started!


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I strive to create an environment for students to thrive using a pattern of developmentally appropriate practices. This encompasses 5 different aspects: 

  1. Creating a caring community of learners

  2. Teaching to enhance development and learning 

  3. Planning curriculum to achieve important goals 

  4. Assessing children’s development and learning 

  5. Establishing reciprocal relationships with families. 

Preschool years are extremely important for establishing a positive attitude and behaviors about learning. Within our stimulating and nurturing classroom environment I will encourage kindness, critical thinking, learning, movement, communication, creativity, and so much more. 


Our preschool learning revolves around developmentally appropriate subjects and tasks. Our focus will be to help each student progress socially, emotionally and academically. Using subjects such as language, literacy, fine & gross motor, math, social/emotional, science, and social studies, embedded within rotating themes, the students will reinforce accomplished skills and learn new ones each day.  I will be using a combination of curriculums compiled together to provide the best fit for our students and learning. 

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